SMS service in case of closures

You have the option to receive closures from our three ferry services as an SMS message via your mobile phone.

How does it work?

In the event of a planned disruption (maintenance), you will usually receive a text message at least 24 hours in advance stating on which day and during which hours the ferry will not sail. Only if this type of disruption will last longer than expected, you will receive a second SMS on the day itself stating that the disruption will last longer than x hours. By the way, planned maintenance normally starts after 9:00 am, to accommodate students and commuting traffic. And is also mentioned here on the website under the Current submenu.
In the event of an unplanned closure, it depends on the nature of the closure whether and, if so, when we send an SMS message.

The costs are €0.25 per message you receive. There are no subscription costs involved. Based on our statistics from previous years, we expect to send between 15 and 20 text messages per ferry every year. Below you can read how you can register and unsubscribe.


Depending on the ferry connection you want to register for, send the following SMS message:
bernseveer AAN
capelseveer AAN
drongelseveer AAN
to number 3553


Depending on the ferry connection you want to unsubscribe from, send the following SMS message:
bernseveer UIT
capelseveer UIT
drongelseveer UIT
to number 3553


  • You subscribe (and unsubscribe) separately for each ferry/ferry service from your own mobile phone;
  • You can use both lowercase and uppercase letters when entering the text
  • When you register and deregister, you will receive a confirmation text message within a few minutes. If you are unable to subscribe or unsubscribe, please send us a message.
  • Foundation: Stichting De Bergsche Maasveren collaborates with Orca Group regarding the SMS service. This also means that all telecom providers are supported.


The arrival of SMS messages can never be guaranteed due to the complex structure of GSM networks, nor can certainty be given about the time at which SMS messages arrive. The De Bergsche Maasveren Foundation cannot in any way be held liable for damage suffered as a result of incorrect information in the text messages sent. Your telephone number will not be used in any way for commercial services.

We look forward to seeing you on one of our ferries!