Rates Bergsche Maasveren from February 5, 2024

From Monday 5 February 2024, a number of users of the Bergsche Maasveren (motorists, motorcyclists, freight traffic) will pay for a crossing. The ferry Bern – Herpt (Bernse veer), the ferry Dussen – Sprang-Capelle (Capelse Veer) and the ferry Drongelen – Waalwijk (Drongelense Veer) remain free for pedestrians, cyclists, mopeds and agricultural vehicles.

Before the crossing or on board, you can pay with our app, a physical credit card or a (digital) bank card.

Users of the ferries will be extensively informed about the introduction of the pricing, including via flyers that will be distributed during crossings. Instructors on board will also show users the ropes.

Rates from February 5, 2024

Category 1 - €2.70

  • Passenger car
  • Motorcycle
  • Trike

Category 2 - €3.50

  • Van
  • Company car
  • Camper

Category 3 - €7.00

Light truck (more than 3,500 kg and not more than 2 axles)

Category 4 - € 11.00

Truck or truck combination with more than 2 axles

A surcharge of € 2.00 applies for a crossing with a caravan or trailer with its own license plate

Exempt from pricing

  • Pedestrian
  • Cyclist
  • Moped rider
  • Scooter, moped or quad with moped license plate
  • Mobility scooter
  • Trailer with the same license plate as the car
  • Horse with or without carriage
  • Agricultural vehicle

Qualify for a discount

Drivers who use a credit balance (physical credit card or a digital credit balance) receive a 25% discount on the rate.

Additional discount for residents of the municipality of Altena

For residents of Altena, additional discounts from the municipality apply for a crossing with the ferry Drongelen – Waalwijk (Drongelense Veer) and the ferry Dussen – Sprang-Capelle (Capelse Veer).