Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing - general

The rates can be consulted here.

  • Category 1: drivers of cars, motorcycles and trikes: €2.70 per crossing
  • Category 2: drivers of vans, commercial vehicles and campers: €3.50 per crossing
  • Category 3: drivers of trucks weighing more than 3,500 kilos, no more than two axles: €7.00 per crossing
  • Category 4: drivers of a truck or truck combination with more than two axles: € 11.00 per crossing

A surcharge of 2.00 euros applies for caravans and trailers with their own license plate.

Please note: these are the ‘bare’ rates, so without discount schemes. Every (frequent) user can take advantage of discount schemes.

In addition, there is an additional discount scheme for residents of the municipality of Altena.

The Bern – Herpt (Bernse veer), the Dussen – Sprang-Capelle (Capelse Veer) and the ferry Drongelen – Waalwijk (Drongelense Veer) remain free for pedestrians, cyclists and agricultural traffic.

Our app is a web app, which means it can be accessed directly via the distributed QR code (including on this website, on the signage and on the flyers) or via the ‘Open the app’ button on this website.

This therefore does not concern an app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play store. It is possible to place the app icon on the phone using ‘Share on the Home screen’.

You can register as a customer in our app, which can be opened on this website and via the QR code on and around the springs.

Read more about registering here.

Ferry services will also remain free for registered users until February 5, 2024.

You can pay as follows:

  • As a customer via the app with a generic discount of 25% on the credit balance. An additional discount scheme applies to Altena residents.
  • With a credit card that contains a credit balance with a 25% discount.
  • Pay as a guest via the app.
  • Pay as a guest at the terminal on board using contactless payment.

Read more about Check-in crossing.

Yes, for every crossing, registered users must register their license plate and then pay (via app or card). An exception to this are the season ticket holders of the municipality of Altena with a subscription for free crossings for € 100 per calendar year.

Payment of the ferry fare due must have been made before the ferry reaches the other side. It is not possible to pay with cash.

If you wish to check in for a ferry, this will only be visible and can be selected during the sailing time of the ferry in question.

It is possible to register as a regular passenger (customer) and top up the credit balance, regardless of whether a ferry is visible for check-in or not. The credit balance can be used for any ferry.

If you do not have a smartphone or do not wish to use the app, you can purchase a physical credit card.

A physical credit card is available at the points of sale below:

  • Ammerzoden: Boon’s Markt – De Haar 40
  • Dussen: Spar de Ruyter – Van der Dussenlaan 2
  • Drunen: Tabakspeciaalzaak Funcke – Hugo de Grootstraat 5
  • Eethen: EP Elgo – Raadhuisstraat 11
  • Genderen: Spar Genderen – Hoofdstraat 37
  • Oudheusden: Coop van Wijlen – Laagstraat 3
  • Sprang-Capelle: Argos Braat – Raadhuisstraat 11
  • Waalwijk: Plus Stephan van Engelen – Reigerbosweg 2

The purchase price of a credit card is €30 and includes a balance of €40, which gives a 25% discount on the rates.

For a crossing with a physical credit card, you pay the ferry fare at the payment column on the ferry, charged to the credit balance. The license plate of the vehicle is also requested.

Checks will take place using cameras, based on the license plates of the vehicles on the springs. Skippers will therefore not check themselves.

Registered users will receive a payment reminder, including associated administration costs. If payment is still not made, a collection procedure will follow. Unregistered users who have not paid will be traced via the vehicle owner’s license plate and will be required to pay, including collection costs.

Farmers and gardeners from the area have the right to free crossing: this agreement was made when the Bergsche Maas was built (in 1904) and remains in full force. The right to free crossing applies to all entrepreneurs with agricultural vehicles. Cameras on board the ferries can recognize agricultural traffic based on license plates: agricultural traffic therefore does not have to register.

Pricing - specifically for Altena residents

An additional discount scheme can be used for residents of the municipality of Altena. This concerns the following two subscription types:

  1. A subscription of € 100, which allows unlimited use of the ferry Drongelen – Waalwijk (Drongelense Veer) and the ferry Dussen – Sprang-Capelle (Capelse Veer) for a year.
  2. A subscription of € 20, which allows you to use the ferry Drongelen – Waalwijk (Drongelense Veer) and the ferry Dussen – Sprang-Capelle (Capelse Veer) with a 50% discount for a year.

View the conditions for using these subscription types.

Taking out a subscription is only intended for residents of the municipality of Altena. View the subscription types and conditions here.

Don’t have a registered account yet?

  • Scan the QR code or click here to open the app
  • Under ‘Account?’, select the ‘Log in / register’ button
  • Select the button ‘Not yet a customer?’
  • Enter the required information under ‘Become a customer’ and complete the iDIN check
  • Select the ‘Register’ button

You are now registered as a customer.

For already registered users

  • Scan the QR code or click here to open the app
  • Make sure you are logged in. This is the case if there is a green check mark next to the icon with a figure at the top right. If this is not the case: select the ‘Log in/register’ button and then log in with your previously registered email address and password.
  • Select the ‘Subscriptions’ button within your account details*
  • Select the desired subscription type
  • Select the ‘Pay’ button
  • Select the payment method and select the ‘Pay’ button

* if it has not yet been checked that you are a resident of the municipality of Altena, a message will appear asking you to do so with a link to do so.

Your subscription is valid after successful completion of payment at your bank.

This will be done on the basis of a postal code check, in combination with IDIN check. This ensures that only residents of the municipality of Altena can use the specific discount scheme.

View the conditions for using these subscription types.

In order to be eligible for the additional discount scheme (the two subscription types) of the municipality of Altena, it has been decided that residents identify themselves via iDIN.

There may be several reasons why this check cannot be completed successfully:

  • you are not a resident of the municipality of Altena (the specified zip code does not correspond to your actual home address)
  • the browser on your phone is in private mode. Make sure that this mode is removed, temporarily or permanently.
  • you are trying to identify yourself with a bank account at Knab. Unfortunately, iDIN is not yet supported by Knab. If you still have a bank account with another bank, you can use it when completing the subscription application process.
  • There is a period of time between the iDIN check and the option to purchase a subscription. Log out of the app and log in again.

Season ticket holders from the municipality of Altena with a subscription for free crossings for € 100 per calendar year do not have to check in for a crossing. Season ticket holders with a season ticket receive a 50% discount for crossings for €20 per calendar year.

View the conditions for using these subscription types.

The discount scheme specifically for residents of the municipality of Altena applies to the ferry Drongelen – Waalwijk (Drongelense Veer) and the ferry Dussen – Sprang-Capelle (Capelse Veer).

This means that the discount does not apply to the ferry Bern – Herpt (Bernse veer).

Only residents of the municipality of Altena can purchase a subscription within this specific discount scheme. Checking whether you are a resident of the municipality of Altena will be done using a postal code check in combination with an IDIN check.

View the conditions for using the subscription types of the municipality of Altena.

Companies do have the option to use the generic discount scheme, i.e. register in the app and increase your credit balance with a 25% discount. Read more about Register here.

A subscription for residents of the municipality of Altena is valid for one license plate per subscription. When purchasing a new car, the old license plate can be replaced by the new license plate within the subscription.

View the conditions for using the subscription types of the municipality of Altena.

The discount scheme, including an optional subscription of €100, which entitles you to free crossings, only applies to residents of the municipality of Altena.

This arrangement is implemented in accordance with the decision by the municipal council of the municipality of Altena. The other riverside municipalities do not have a specific discount scheme for their residents.

It is possible for all passengers to use the generic discount scheme of 25% when traveling with an electronic credit balance or a physical credit card.

A customer of a subscription can share it with another email address/account via the ‘Subscriptions’ section. The subscription can be assigned to additional email addresses/accounts via the ‘Share subscription’ button.

Sailing times and closures

The current sailing times of the three ferry connections are listed on our homepage. A summer and winter schedule applies to the Capelse veer and the Berne veer.
The ferries operate within the current sailing times based on traffic availability. This means that there is no fixed timetable.

In the event of a planned closure, this will be stated under ‘CURRENT’ on our website, and we will also send an SMS alert to subscribers. In the event of an unplanned closure, sending an SMS alert depends on the nature of the closure: if we expect it to take longer, we will send an SMS alert. By the way: we always take schoolchildren into account when planning a closure. We first ensure that it can be transferred and let the mechanic get to work after 9:00 am, so that the youth do not have to cycle many kilometers unnecessarily.

The matrix boards are no longer in operation. Once the connections have been removed by our suppliers, these signs will also be removed. They function poorly or no longer. The SMS alert has proven to be a reliable alternative.

We only have an adjusted timetable during the Christmas holidays (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day) and on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. We publish these on our website well in advance. You can often also read these on the websites of our municipalities on the shore (Altena, Heusden, Waalwijk and Zaltbommel). On public holidays such as Ascension Day, Easter Monday and Whit Monday, we sail according to the applicable timetable.

SMS service

Our SMS provider will charge €0.25 via your telephone provider for each text message you receive. On average, we send approximately 17 text messages per year for the ferry Bern – Herpt (Bernse veer), 19 for the ferry Dussen – Sprang-Capelle (Capelse Veer) and 17 for the ferry Drongelen – Waalwijk (Drongelense Veer).

You can only do this yourself from your mobile device.

Your number may have been opted out of receiving text messages that cost money. You can check this via the Mobile Services Codes of Conduct website ( Enter your 06 number on this website. You will immediately receive a password by SMS. After you have entered this password on the relevant website, you can look around in your own secure environment and view the blocking settings and, if necessary, delete or adjust them.
If it still doesn’t work, please contact us.


With a scooter or moped, you position yourself on the ferry deck, on the right side. Behind the barrier. (so you don’t have to go ‘on the sidewalk’) If it is very busy, fellow passengers on bicycles will position themselves behind you. The cars then follow – at an appropriate distance.

You can reach us via Contact. With this question, but also with other questions.

No, our ferries are not accessible to coaches, low loaders and extended vehicles. This type of vehicle gets stuck when entering the ferry.

Other questions

The skippers would be happy to get in touch with you. If it’s not that busy, feel free to walk up for a chat.

You can submit a complaint, ask a question or post a comment via Contact. We aim to provide you with an answer within 1 working day.

In preparation for the formal transfer of the ferries (February 1, 2009), the foundation has been in existence since January 24, 2008. See Organization for more information. From 1904 to January 31, 2009, Rijkswaterstaat was responsible for managing the ferries and implementing the timetable.